Visit San Antonio: Legislative Update Q3 FY2023

July 24, 2023

Government Affairs:  

  • Monitoring passed legislation to ensure that it is not vetoed by Governor  
    • No passed VSA legislation was vetoed  
  • Be an active presence at City Hall and Bexar County Commissioners Court  
    • AVDP has participated in numerous fundraisers  
  • Be active in fundraisers with Bexar County Legislative Delegations  
    • AVDP has participated in numerous fundraisers  
  • Continued to nurture personal relationships with local elected officials  
    • AVDP continues to advise numerous elected officials  
  • Scheduled meeting with Councilman Jalen McKee-Rodriguez’s staff  
  • Scheduled meeting with Councilman Manny Pelaez  
  • Scheduled meeting with County Commissioner Rebecca Clay-Flores  
  • Scheduled meeting with County Commissioner Justin Rodriguez  
  • Scheduled meeting with Bexar County Judge Peter Sakai  
  • Scheduled meeting with Councilwoman Dr. Sukh Kaur (upcoming-7/21)  
  • Scheduled meeting with Councilman Marc Whyte (upcoming-7/21)  
  • Scheduled meeting with Councilwoman Marina Alderete Gavito (upcoming- 8/14)  
  • Attended various Chamber of Commerce receptions for new City Council members  
  • Attended various Chamber of Commerce receptions for Bexar County Delegation members  
  • Attended district office openings for new City Council members  

ON VSA Strategic Plan   

AVDP worked to play defense on some of the bills that may have been hurtful; opposed all anti-LGBTQ legislation.    

  • Elevated VSA’s profile during the legislative session including but not limited to VSA’s in-person meetings with various legislative members, committees, staff and testimony by Marc Anderson on SB2220 and SB627   
  • Successfully passed SB2220 and SB627   
    • SB627: Incentivize support for Bexar County hotel and convention center projects.  AVDP registered support on behalf of VSA. Met numerous times with Senate sponsor, Sen. Jose Menendez, and House sponsor, Rep. Steve Allison.    
    • SB2220: Expansion and restoration of Convention Center and funding for restoration of Alamodome.  Met numerous times with Senate sponsor, Sen. Jose Menendez, and House sponsor, Rep. Barbara Gervin-Hawkins.  Marc Anderson testified in support.   
  • HB5012: Certain municipalities to use certain tax revenue for hotel and convention center projects and other qualified projects successfully passed.  AVDP monitored the legislation and was in contact with City of San Antonio lobby team who were in support.  In addition, worked with San Antonio Chamber of Commerce to support legislation.   
  • HB4051: Media production development zone recognition.  AVDP registered support on behalf of VSA.   
  • HB4539: Qualifications for participation in the moving image industry incentive program.  AVDP registered support on behalf of VSA.   
  • HB1689: Use of county hotel occupancy tax revenue for an electronic tax administration system and the reimbursement of tax collection expenses.  Monitored legislation and spoke with House sponsor, Rep. Andrew Murr, and Senate sponsor, Sen. Pete Flores.    
  • Texas voters will have the opportunity to approve in the November Constitutional Amendments election, SB1648/SJR74, which creates the Texas Centennial Parks Conservation Fund ($1B).   
  • AVDP submitted comments before, during and after the Sunset process for The Office of the Governor, Economic Development and Tourism (Travel Texas).    
  •  AVDP worked closely with TTA, San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, City of San Antonio, stakeholders, and other industry partners during session.  (AVDP participated in all weekly calls by TTA.).   
  •  IPW: Although legislative members were unable to attend due to the legislative session, members were aware of the event and its importance.    
  •  AVDP helped sponsor the swearing-in ceremony of Rep. Barbara Gervin-Hawkins as incoming Chair of Texas Legislative Tourism Caucus.    
  •  AVDP, helped sponsor 20 Senators and the Lt. Gov. in San Antonio for a visit to the Alamo’s new museum, including river barge tours and dinner.   
  •  AVDP, helped host House representatives organized by MALC to San Antonio for a reception during Fiesta, beginning with this reception at San Antonio’s Market Square followed by a private party for Fiesta Royalty.   
  •  AVDP helped secure funding for the Alamo project.   

ON Strategic Points:   

  • AVDP will continue to develop relationships with other business organizations on similar items (Chambers of Commerce, TAB, greater:SATX).  
  • AVDP will work with the VSA, City of San Antonio on their legislative priorities, be vigilant in Texas Legislators’ position toward local municipalities.   
  • AVDP will continue to strengthen relationships with Statewide leadership – Governor’s Office of Economic Development & Tourism’s Travel Texas(Adriana Cruz); Lt. Gov’s staff; and General Land Office Commissioner Dawn Buckingham (Alamo funding).  
  • AVDP will monitor interim charges.  
  • AVDP will monitor Texas House Committee on Culture, Recreation, and Tourism  
  • In AVDP/VSAs meeting with Bexar County Judge Peter Sakai, Sakai wants the County to be more involved.  
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